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In the field concerning biodiesel, the company is engaged in an international bussiness as well as consultation and advisory activities. Due to the very strict requirements on the quality of exported FAME, the company has created a laboratory background, which is focusing on the analysis of the most problematic quality parameters of FAME. In the biodiesel field, the company is also interested in the usage of alternative raw materials for the production of FAME. In this field, the company cooperates with some czech and mainly foreign producers of FAME (Austria, Slovakia, Malaysia).


Part of our portfolio is sugar beet molassis in standard 42% polarization.

Emulsifiers for cosmetic production

We represent Japanese company Sakamoto in the field of imports emulsifiers for cosmetic production. These products  are represented by the S-Face series and we are importing these emulsifiers for natural cosmetics manufacturing especially.

Cotton seed

From our partners in Greece we are importing cotton seed for feeding purpose.

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