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Export of crude glycerine represents the strongest point of the company. The company is indirectly property-related to the oleochemical company GLYCONA s.r.o., which processes the side products from the production of biodiesel to the final crude glycerine, fatty acids and methanol. This company showed off a new glycerine refinery in 2007, so we could add a refined glycerin to our product portfolio. The production of the company is a stable volume of commodities for export. Apart from the production of GLYCONA s.r.o. our company is ensuring an export of crude glycerine from the producers of biodiesel in the Czech and Slovak Republics. The company has established direct business relations with major refineries in EU and Russia as well as a close cooperation with major worldwide broker company dealing with oleochemicals - HB International. This cooperation is a guarantee of a permanent presence of the company on the market and a high competitive strength of the offered prices.


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