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Among the strong points of the company belongs mainly the business with vegetable oils, especially the tropical ones (palm oil, palmstearin, palmolein). The business philosophy of the company is to ensure a stable quality of the supplies via a direct cooperation with the producers from abroad (Malaysia, Indonesia). The company cooperates with major Czech and Slovak producers of edible oils. It also activelly contributes on the research of new application fields for palm oil and it's fractions.

The supplies of oils find an application, apart from food processing industry, in the chemical industry, where the company cooperates mainly with the producers of alkyde resins, varnishes (refined soyabean oil, refined linseed oil) and methylester.

The import of crude oils for the purposes to fat the feed mixtures (soyabean, rape oil) is a logic part of the business with vegetable oils for the food processing and technical utilisation.
In the field of vegetable oils is the company also providing information from the commodity market that assist to a correct decision about the timing of the contract.

The company is representing the CAROTINO mark in the Czech and Slovak market. The products of the Malaysian company CAROTINO represent worldwide unique products, based on red palm oil, which originates in the process of patented molecular distillation. This process enables to maintain a high content of carotenes, tocopherols and tocotrienols in the final product. CAROTINO oils represent the best that can be expected from oils in our nutrition.

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