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In the field concerning feed, it is mainly production of liquid feed additives for livestock GLYCO PLUS and GLYCOMEL. These are produced from ingredients based on crude glycerine in our partnership company Glycona s.r.o.

Export and import of rape and sunflower meal and rape expellers is the next sphere of our business. On one side, the company cooperates with large and small producers of these commodities in the Czech and Slovak Republics, on the other hand, it has created direct business relations with producers of feed mixtures abroad, which is a guarantee of a smooth flow of commodities.

The sale of feed fats based on palm oil is based on a direct connection to the producers in Malaysia. The company is offering by-pass protected fats LACTO PLUS and LACTO FAT and dietary fat containing vitamin E and carotenoids - CAROTINO on the market.

The import of crude oils for the purposes to fat the feed mixtures (soyabean, rape oil) is a logic part of the business with vegetable oils for the food processing and technical utilisation.

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